Thursday, July 16, 2009

Becks & Donovan in this galaxy

Donovan's critical comments of Beckham likely came around December when it looked like Becks was going to transfer to AC Milan permanently. Grant Wahl had been with the Galaxy for over a year preparing to write his book so Landon probably felt pretty comfortable in being honest with him. Now that the comments are coming out as Becks making his return, I think Landon did a pretty good job apologizing for not talking to Becks privately.

Becks has discounted Wahl's book was "unofficial", which is code for not getting paid to do official interviews for the book. Obviously there's been tons of unauthorized biographies on Becks over the years and he's probably been paid millions for the few official ones he did authorize. But this book was not just about Becks. Wahl received permission from the Galaxy to write this book so its official by any measure. Becks needs to calm down. Wahl isn't some 2 cent ambulance chasing hack. Its called real journalism - something that Becks probably isn't always accustomed to, especially in football crazed Spain and England.

Becks was also ticked that Donovan called him "unprofessional" which I completely understand. If you remember, Becks was incredibly professional when he was kicked off Real Madrid's squad for no reason and stripped of England's captaincy, all within months after the 2006 WC. Eventually, by keeping his mouth closed, head down and playing his behind off, he earned his way back into Madrid's lineup, (winning La Liga), as well as being chosen for England qualifiers for Euro 08 (which they missed out on). Still you can imagine that Becks may have lost some sort of motivation in the middle of a terrible season on a terrible team, so Donovan might have a gripe there. Anyway, they "squashed" it and you can expect the two of them to coexist just fine.

Many, including Wahl, have questioned how Becks can maintain his focus on the Galaxy as well as trying to make the 2010 WC squad. I don't have any problems with Beckham pursuing his WC dream. They say the problem is that Becks will have to leave the Galaxy in January to ply his trade with a top Euro team in order to be considered for England's squad by Capello. So what? Donovan and other national teamers will be gone from their MLS squads for long periods of time leading up to June 2010 as well. I think the easy solution is to let Becks go on loan after this season (hopefully after some postseason success) with the promise that he will return permanently to the Galaxy after the WC. How can Becks playing on the world stage next summer hurt the MLS?

Meanwhile, Eskandarian might be the most important piece - he just scored another golazo in Beckham's return.

Okay, Donovan's golazo is equally impressive. I hope he's as aggressive for the USMNT.

Whoa. Eddie Lewis scored a third golazo! 3 stunning goals. Man, that Galaxy starting lineup is looking pretty solid. Becks and Lewis (the american Beckham as he was known in the EPL) throwing in crosses left and right; Donovan dominating the center while Buddle and Eskie take shots up top? They should make the playoffs this time.





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