Thursday, July 23, 2009

Onyewu's debut

It was thrilling to see Gooch in the AC Milan shirt last night. He's the first American field player to be purchased on a free transfer by one of the top 8 clubs in the world. He was a visibly nervous before the game and it was fascinating to watch him receive instructions from Leonardo right before making his start. I was pretty confident about his defensive skills but I was slightly nervous about his passing since AC Milan moves the ball around a lot faster than the US team. Sad to say, the first Club America goal looked to be at Gooch's expense. While it was an exceptional pass over his head, Gooch appeared to hesitate just a moment and paid the price. It can be argued that a more competent goalkeeper would have come out to gather that pass. However, it was intriguing to see him play as a target forward in the waning moments. He actually laid off a perfect pass of his head to a wide open Zigoni, who shamefully shanked it wide (and was absolute crap all night). Gooch also chested down a pass for one last opportunity for Gattuso but it was hit too high. In the interview after the loss, Gooch was visibly upset about the loss and probably worried that his mistake would set him back. But I think the Italian squad had to be impressed by the strength and length of their new purchase especially after having only 1 practice before that game.

Lalas made much to do about AC Milan's unwillingness to make moves this summer, however I think it may be better to allow Real Madrid's summer of spending to blow over and look to spend again next transfer season. I do however think that a move for Luis Fabiano would have been prudent. With Inzaghi getting old and Borrielo still needing to prove himself, Milan may need some more firepower up front. Perhaps Gooch should start up there again. heh.

Ronaldinho seems to be on a mission this summer to become great again. I agree with Lalas that he needs to be much more careful with the ball and that sometimes the simplest pass is the correct one. However, if he works at it, I don't see why he can't regain his form in what should be the prime of his career. Seedorf's touch has not left him yet and paired with Pirlo, Milan can still produce some magical moments. I have always loved Gattuso's tenacity, and he is the perfect destroyer to protect the midfield. Still, I'm starting to think that they could use some speed on their flank - Landon Donovan, anybody?

My AC Milan lineup for this year:

(edited 8/11)

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