Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Madrid - new galacticos

I've always said that Madrid President Perez' biggest mistake was letting Makelele walk away, which marked the downfall of the first Galacticos era. Makelele basically redefined the defensive/holding midfield position. All that firepower up front - Ronaldo, Raul, Figo, Zidane with no midfield anchor spelled disaster.

With the new Ronaldo, Kaka' and Benzema and other additions, Perez better make sure his defense is up to snuff. It'll take some strong midfield defensive play to knock Iniesta and Xavi off their game. Man, if Barca get Fabregas and Villa this summer too, it would basically be the Spanish national team out there. Madrid would probably have to go after Jozy and Dempsey to beat them. LOL.

Madrid should probably give up on Ribery this summer since Bayern doesn't want to sell anyway (and you still have Robben remember?), and concentrate on acquiring Xabi Alonso. He's Spanish, which will go over well with the fans, but more importantly he'll help provide a link between your defense and your new attacking force.

CR ----------Kaka'

Robben, Ruud VN, Raul, Negredo off the bench. I'm a big fan of Sneijder but I'm assuming the other two Dutch contingent, VDV and Huntelaar will be sold.

Of course, if they do get Ribery, the lineup would be sick.

So how would the 2009 galacticos stack up with the first galacticos era?

Galacticos I / II
Roberto Carlos--Alonso (no big name defenders unless you count Ramos)

I've got to say the first galacticos are still bigger. RM would have to go get Messi or a Fernando Torres to make it even.

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