Friday, June 26, 2009

Tyreke Evans - new King on the block

Lots of people had wanted Ricky Rubio based on one performance at the 2008 Olympics. I don't get why we'd want him. Dude can't jump. He can't run. He's a euro so he can't defend. No euro has led his team to the championship. We'd run into issues with his buyout. Plus, he'll be slaving away for Spain every other summer for the next decade and half. Yeah, he's more popular and we need to put some behinds in the stands, but trying to win a championship is a bigger priority.

Tyreke might be the 2nd best pro prospect in the draft behind Blake Griffin. He's a athletic scorer that's just learning the PG spot. Personally, I'm hoping he's the next Dwyane Wade. We had the 4th pick and no superstar on our team so we had to take a chance. I say great pick by Petrie.

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