Monday, August 17, 2009


Usain's record shattering performance was simply amazing yesterday. Instead of the mediocre start and a show-off display in the last 10 meters of Bolt's Beijing world record performance last year, Usain started well and ran through the finish line in Berlin. No one has lowered the 100m this drastically ever since we've been able to electronically time it - a period of 41 years. He shaved 0.11 seconds off the world record!

Tyson Gay actually ran an incredible race and is the second fastest man in history at 9.71, but it will be overlooked as Bolt has posted better times twice.

There's something elemental about the 100m race. It seems to epitomize the very core of human competition. There is no ball, no racket, and no vehicle. There is no turn in the track or inequity in playing surfaces or other variable conditions. There are no complicated rules, no real strategic advantages and no judgment calls or artistic expression scores to cause controversy. There are no teammates who must block, defend or assist. Neither are there others who must be motivated, coddled or blamed. It is not a race of intelligence, endurance or even willpower. It is simply a measure to see who is the best in the world at one of the most natural athletic abilities that all able-bodied humans can do: run. And Usain Bolt is the fastest human on earth who has ever run this race.

The scary thing is that he has only been running this race for a few years. Honestly, it doesn't even appear that he's even running with total discipline and commitment. When he finally gets the work ethic and experience of someone like Tyson Gay, it will be mind-blowing to watch. Usain has already stated his goal of 9.4. 9.4? Are you freaking kidding me? Can't wait. (Except for all that post-race posturing - childish and boring.)

Its sad that this even needs to be brought up but we didn't know that Marion Jones and others were cheating until years after the fact. Here's hoping that Bolt is not on any performance-enhancing drugs or HGH.

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