Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick and McNabb - a dogfight doomed to happen

Most talking heads seem to like Michael Vick's signing with Philadelphia since its only a $1.6 million contract for the first year with an option for the 2nd. They say that its a stable and winning team with a proven quarterback and Vick won't have the pressure to perform right away. While that may be true, I see some problems with this signing.

First, and most importantly, we know that Donovan McNabb is very sensitive about his starting spot. When TO was there, Donovan was almost territorial in trying to maintain his BMOC place on the team. While TO is always at fault, McNabb should also be noted for his poor attitude as well. Also, remember that when the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb early in the 2nd round, McNabb was outspokenly unhappy. He seems to have a distrust issue with Andy Reid or management so I don't see how signing a big name QB in Michael Vick would sit well with McNabb. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning wouldn't feel threatened at all but the thin-skinned McNabb? He hasn't proven that he performs better when he's unhappy. He sulks.

Secondly, how are the Eagles planning to use Vick? You don't risk all the distraction that comes with Vick without planning to actually use him. Wildcat offense? The Eagles will have to come up with something they have never done before. Thirdly, Philadelphia is not a very forgiving or compassionate sports town. Results are all that matter so Vick's grace period will not be long.

As a sidenote, I don't share the national anger over Michael Vick as everyone else says they do. Brutally torturing and murdering dogs is heinous and he deserved to pay the penalty for breaking the federal laws that he did. But the fact of the matter is that he served his sentence and many say that it was a harsher sentence simply because he is a well known celebrity. In the end, I would come down a lot harder on him if he had a history of committing crimes against humans. But he doesn't, so I think its time to allow him to start over. I like that he wants Tony Dungy to be a big influence in his life now. Hopefully he is able to dedicate himself to his craft more than ever has before and return as a humbler human being than he was before. I think the best case scenario is that he quietly integrates himself back into learning the game of football this year and looks to compete for a starting job next summer on a different team. Perhaps the 49ers will still need a QB next year...

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