Friday, September 18, 2009

Is Michael Crabtree the next Jerry Rice, or TO?

The Crabtree saga took another turn this week as the 49ers accused the Jets of tampering. Basically, if the Jets told Crabtree to hold out for next year because he could be worth a certain value more than what the 49ers are offering, that would be tampering. I know that Crabtree must be extremely disappointed at being drafted relatively low but the fact remains that he was drafted at #10. I'm still confused as to why high draft picks in the NFL make so much more than proven established veterans, especially when there's a 50 percent chance that they're a bust. There should be a sliding pay scale just like in the NBA that concretely determines how much players are paid for the draft slot that they are in. Big paydays can be earned after 2 years of putting in your time. At any rate, the 49ers ought not give into Crabtree because it sets a horrible precedent. Perhaps they can front load the contract to help him save face?

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