Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sactown's Finest

The 2009-10 season starts for the Kings today.

My starting lineup:

PG: Tyreke Evans - Exceptional talent who could end up being ROY.  Many experts are not sure if he's a 1 or a 2 but I think he's just a baller.

SG: Kevin Martin - Funky shot from the hip notwithstanding, he's a dependable scorer and the best player on the team.

SF: Desmond Mason - A former slam dunk champ who brings some athleticism to this group.

PF: Jason Thompson - 2nd year gem unearthed by Petrie plays big and rebounds big.

C: Spencer Hawes - Versatile, passing big man who would only be a senior at UW this year.  Our only 7 footer and sadly our only true center.  Is that even possible?


F: Andres Nocioni - Hardnosed veteran competitor can set the tone for this young team.

G/F: Francisco Garcia - a freak weight-lifting accident will sideline him for a few months.  He's a good contributor but needs to hit the weights, heh.

PF: Sean May - a UNC talent that bombed in Charlotte.  Maybe he can rebuild his game here.

PG: Beno Udrih - quite a letdown after signing a big deal before last season.

F: Omri Casspi - Rookie.  Also first NBA player from Israel.  I like his length and physical play.

SF: Donte Green - Raw 2nd year 6'10 baller with potential.

Probably can't get off the bench:

PG: Sergio Rodriguez - If we drafted Rubio, we'd have 2 Spaniard PGs.  2 too many if you ask me.
PF: Kenny Thomas - 10 year vet may be past his contributing days but his huge contract is off the books this year.
F: Jon Brockman - A 6'7 rookie played PF in college, not sure if he can cut it here.

The Kings are still in rebuilding mode are trying to develop young talent as we go.  The truth of the matter is that free agents will never willingly come to Sacramento as they would to the lakers so the only way to build a team here is through the draft and via trades.  Remember, we drafted Jason Williams (whom we eventually traded for Mike Bibby) and fleeced Washington in that Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber trade in order to build our contending team of the early 2000s.  And in 2002, we clearly had it won before the refs took it away from us.

So when we draft, we have to be looking for the superstars, which is why I loved this Evans pick.  We can't sign a Dwyane Wade, so we have to try to draft one.  Hopefully Tyreke's the real deal.  And hopefully we battle our way out of the cellar.  By some miracle, maybe we can nab the 8th playoff spot.  Either way, we need to play a more exciting brand of basketball and put some rear ends in the seats.  Sacramentans need to realize that all they have are the Kings.  If the Maloofs bolt for Vegas, Sacramento becomes completely irrelevant on the national sports scene.

Next year, we'll have two 1st round draft picks again so Petrie can continue to work his magic.  Or maybe Lebron will want to be a real King...

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