Monday, October 26, 2009

with QB controversies to boot...

The Bruins have now lost 4 straight games to go 3-4 overall.  Worse still, those four losses came in all our Pac-10 contests so far.  Since Stanford's Gerhart truly exposed our lack of run defense, Oregon, Cal and Arizona have each subsequently humbled us in games that we were never competitive in.  I know that our offense is young and inexperienced, but I thought that our defense would be a solid squad and help keep us close.  Apart from Rahim Moore and his 7 interceptions as well as Brian Price's strength on the inside, they have been mostly nonexistent.  Kevin Prince has also been replaced during games recently but not always by the same guy - sometimes its Brehaut, sometimes it Craft.  I don't understand how we don't know who our second best QB is more than halfway through our season.  Personally, I wish we'd just start Brehaut and keep him there.  The ball just looks good coming off his hand.  Now there's talk about using a 2 QB system this Sat.  Not good.

The 49ers are also on a losing streak, having just lost to the Texans this Sunday after last game's embarrassing blowout at the hands of the Falcons.  This game marked the debut of Michael Crabtree who had a decent 5 catch, 56 yard effort.  But it will be remembered for the halftime benching of Shaun Hill and the re-appearance of former #1 overall pick, Alex Smith.  Smith led the 49ers to 3 TDs, all to Vernon Davis, and finished with a rating of 118.6.  Clearly Coach Singletary was just looking for a spark since Shaun Hill couldn't move the offense down the field, but is he really ready to make a permanent change?  I'm definitely watching with interest since I would love for Alex Smith to rebuild his reputation and dump his "bust" title.  While Hill has been a winner more often than not for SF, he clearly isn't the long term solution.  As of now, the 49ers are probably planning to look long and hard at the QB prospects in the draft next April again.  We'll see if Singletary will use the rest of the season to see if Alex Smith is the guy.  What worries me is that we still have a chance at a playoff spot and can't afford to be experimenting.  That said, does it really matter this week vs Indy?

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