Saturday, November 7, 2009

A win's a win

I got to go to the first Pac-10 victory of the UCLA football season.  Somehow 1-5 in the conference is not what the bruin faithful were hoping for.  But, a win's a win.

Looking back at this game, our defense played pretty well considering we had 5 turnovers.  Some of these turnovers put us in bad field position but they only scored 23 points on the day.  I think we also had a few stupid penalties as well.  Coach Neuheisel needs to do something about that.  Turnovers and penalties can be mostly remedied by good coaching.

Kevin Prince looked like he has turned the corner.  We were marching down the field at a very encouraging rate.  Hopefully he returns from his cheap-shot concussion and plays on Sat.

The 3 biggest plays of the day (besides the 5 turnovers), in my mind, are the long touchdown to Austin (which apparently wasn't and I'm still confused as to why it wasn't reviewed), the horribly botched Wash FG, and the Rahim Moore interception.

As for the jerseys, I actually thought they looked pretty sweet.  Personally, I like the lighter shade of blue instead of the deeper blue we have now.  Its a nice touch to commemorate Gary Beban's 1967 heisman year and invite him to be a honorary captain.  I actually met him once when I worked at a book store a few years ago.  He was doing a Q&A and a signing in LA and they let me spend much of the hour talking him.  Nice guy.  Anyway, its great that UCLA recognized his incredible achievement.

The alumni were unusually fired up for this game.  We really did need the win.  Man, woman and child guy said we can still finish 7-5.  Now that's a true fan.

After the game, Neuheisel invited everyone who had jumped off the bandwagon to jump back on.  Year 3 is when he really will have to produce.  But first, lets beat sc.

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