Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger better not be on PEDs

Reports came out that a doctor who treated Tiger during his recovery from his knee injury last year is being investigated by the FBI for distributing PEDs to athletes.  I hope for the sake of golf that Tiger was not using PEDs.  This would be a scandal that ignite a firestorm far beyond what TMZ and other media outlets have already perpetrated.

I know that he has bulked up his body the last half decade or so.  And I know that someone who is willing to cheat on his wife in his personal life in the manner that he did may also lack the moral backbone to keep his integrity in his professional life, a profession that does not test for PEDs.  And I know that someone who seems willing to go great lengths to get any woman he wants may do anything when it comes to achieving what he really wants, the record for the most majors ever.

But why would he do this if he was already the most dominant golfer of all time? Perhaps, it was really all about arrogance when it comes to Tiger.  Against all common sense, he did all the things he did actually believing that he was too important to get caught and that he wielded enough power and enough influence to make things turn out the way he wants.

How much would PEDs help a person's golf game anyway?  Golf is not merely about power, it is also about finesse and touch.  For the great ones, its about consistency under pressure.  Would HGH really help in that regard?  Not really.  Tiger didn't make that long putt on 18 in the 2008 US Open on one knee because of a PED.  He made it because he's Tiger.  Perhaps, the greatest benefit would be the ability to recover faster from injury.  Maybe Tiger used it to help him recover faster?

But there have been no real link between Tiger and any PED usage.  There are no dirty needles or dirty trainers that we know of.  But it is no longer in the realm of the unthinkable to question Tiger's performances now.  Nobody said what everyone was thinking in MLB and look where it got them.  Plus, Tiger didn't just break his wife's trust, he broke ours too.  So, let the media do its due diligence and investigate the story.

In the end, I don't think he used PEDs.  I don't want to believe it.  I don't think his once-in-a-lifetime kind of greatness was fake.  I hope that his on course performance and all his records stand unblemished for all time, even if his character is.

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