Monday, January 25, 2010

A mea culpa on my mea culpa on Favre

I knew it.  I knew it was going to happen.  There was no way, even in this most unlikely of seasons in all of Favre's career, that he wouldn't ultimately do it.  He was going to hurt Minnesota with an incredibly stupid, an ridiculously braindead, a selfishly egotistical, and typically Favreian INTERCEPTION.

This one finally happened one play before what would have been the game-winning FG that would have propelled the Vikings into the Superbowl.  Just unbelievable.  Any high school QB knows that you should never throw across your body back across the field when you are at the right sideline.  You should never, ever, EVER do that.  But Favre couldn't help himself.  Just couldn't resist trying to make one last shot at glory when he should've just played it safe.

His last throw with the Packers was also an interception in overtime of the NFC Championship game vs the Giants.  Here's hoping that this one was the last pass of his Vikings career.  Yeah, I know.  Fat chance.  Well, I'm hoping he puts the Vikings through the Favreian indecisiveness that he subjected the Packers to.

As for the game, the Vikings had an astounding 5 turnovers (including 2 picks and a fumble by Brett) but they still went to overtime.  They should have won this game by a couple touchdowns.  It should have been easy.  And I think they would've been the favorites to win vs the Colts as well.  With the pressure that their front four can apply to quarterbacks, their linebackers are free to drop into coverage.  Drew Brees did have 3 touchdowns but he did not have a great game by any means.  The Saints really had a hard time moving the ball and only put up the points they did in the 2nd half as a result of Viking turnovers.  Though the Vikings do have an excellent defensive line, Favre was the one getting hit mercilessly all game.

The Jets were also able to hit Peyton a few times early on but somehow Manning figured out their blitz schemes and made the proper adjustments.  Starting with that long bomb that somehow dropped into Collie's arms just out of reach of that Jets' safeties fingers late in the 2nd quarter, the Colts began to dominate the game.  The vaunted Jets defense were powerless to stop Peyton as the Colts scored 24 unanswered to punch their ticket to Miami.

I can't wait for ESPN's NFL Matchup show because I really want to know what adjustments Peyton made to handle those Jets blitzes.

I realize that the city of New Orleans could use a Superbowl victory but I'd really rather see Peyton win it.  A Superbowl berth should be good enough for them to celebrate.  Peyton needs a second championship so that experts can recognize his legacy among the greatest of all time.  For someone who has played the position of QB better than it has ever been played (besides by Montana of course), he deserves it.  At the very least, everyone can finally agree that he is better than Favre.

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