Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honeycutt vs Oregon schools

The Good

Honeycutt is really the only thing worth talking about these days.  His career game vs Oreg St on Thursday made up for Reeves Nelson's absence which was due to surgery for a detached retina.  He had a career high 18 points, 10 boards, 5 blocks, 4 assists and 3 steals.  With so many friends dropping out of going to this game, I went anyway, just hoping to see a breakout game from Tyler.  I was right.  He's the most talented player on our team.  He has court vision, great athleticism and the wondrous innate ability to be around the ball all the time.  While it could be that the rest of our team aside from Nelson and maybe Malcolm Lee are just mediocre, Honeycutt stands out even to the untrained eye as a superior talent.  I'm also glad I went to this victory because the next game would not be so kind.

Honeycutt only took 4 shots vs Oregon but he had another all around game - 13 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals.  Only when he was on the floor did we look like we had a chance to win.  Malcolm's 18 points were in large part due to Honeycutt's assists.

Michael Roll should be applauded as a hard-working player who's labored 5 years with Howland, mostly as a role player, then led this team with his consistency and defensive effort in his senior year, and then showed up on Senior Day with 25 points.  We will miss Michael Roll next year simply since we don't have a capable outside scorer.

The Bad

Dragovic reminds me of Ray Young, but worse.  Ray Young at least seemed to work hard all the time, though he very often made incredibly bonehead decisions on the court.  (And I'll always remember him for that unbelievable 3 pointer to beat #1 ranked Arizona in Lavin's last Pac 10 tourney). But Dragovic has more basketball ability, but very little heart.  I am glad to not have to show up to Pauley Pavilion anymore and see him saunter around the court doing nothing of value except taking 3 pointers.  Now if he was a great 3 point shooter, I could accept that.  But he isn't.  And even when he's making them, his defense allows as many, or more points as he could score.  If Dragovic was a great senior leader and could motivate the team to excel even though he added limited on court value, I could accept that too.  But no, he is a twice arrested man of shady character.  So basically, he has no value to our team.  I'd rather see freshmen Brendan Lane get more valuable playing time than Dragovic.  I feel better now.

Jerime Anderson.  Please take that layup.  Please don't drive to the open hoop and then choose to pass to a teammate's foot.  We could have had a 2 point lead with a minute to play.  Then after Porter's 7th 3 pointer of the day, please don't nonchalantly pass the ball out of bounds.  Don't do that - don't turn the ball over on back to back possessions in crunchtime.  The only Bruin smiling right now is Lazeric Jones.

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