Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl weekend

Its taken a few days to come to terms with such a disappointing weekend but since it was Superbowl weekend, I should say a few things:

1) First things first, you gotta be happy for Drew Brees.  After being unceremoniously dumped by the Chargers after tearing up his shoulder in the last game of the season, Drew worked hard in rehab to come back from what many predicted was the end of his career and was picked up by a downtrodden Saints franchise.  Since then, he's become one of the premier QBs in the league and played lights out on the biggest stage.  If he continues to play as he did this past season, Brees will be considered one of the best of his generation.  Also, as a fairly new father myself, I was happy to see Brees sharing the moment with his infant son.  But mostly, Brees has won me 2 fantasy football titles so he's all good in my book, heh.

2) SB 44 turned out to be the most watched television show in history with 106 million viewers, breaking MASH's seemingly untouchable record.  The NFL is king.  It just is.  Anyway, when the Colts went up 10-0, I thought the game was definitely over.
A few big moments from the game after that: Pierre Garcon's drop on 3rd down halted the Colts momentum.  The Saints dominating possession in the 2nd quarter.  The Colts running the ball 3 times and having to punt even though they had 2 minutes left and multiple timeouts in their pocket to end the half.  The Saints onside kicking to start the 2nd half - and actually recovering.  The Colts unable to stop the Saints offense from then on.  Stover's missed FG.  Of all things that could happen to lose the game, Peyton threw an interception when Montana would've scored a TD.

3) I was crushed to see Peyton lose this game.  It was going to put him up there with the Montana and Unitas.  Now, while Peyton could go down as the greatest regular season QB ever, a SB loss essentially forever denies him the title of greatest of all time.  I hope he wins another 2 SBs before his career ends so that he can change his postseason reputation.

4) I hate that reggie bushleague has a superbowl win under his belt, even though he did very little to contribute toward it.  I'm glad CBS stayed away from showing the Kardashian.

5) The Bruins got waxed by a Cal team shooting about 50% from the 3 point line.  Though they got off to a good start, the Bears were just too much.  Its okay, I'll take a season split with the preseason Pac 10 favorite.  But we better beat sc on Sunday.

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