Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post Game Roster Czech

In lieu of postgame analysis, I'm just gonna get to the point of tonight's performance and discuss the fringe players' performances and whether they helped and hurt their case.  Winning the game didn't matter to Bradley since he didn't dress his 6 core starters (plus DeMerit and Feilhaber), so it shouldn't matter to us either.  I'm not going to list the players that I think have always been safe.


Gomez - Herculez did what forwards have to do: score.  And he did it as a sub, which is likely his role.
Rogers - surprisingly effective down the left side.  Showed good pace.
Beasley - showed enough of the old DaMarcus.
Buddle - didn't score but clearly outworked EJ.  Instrumental in the 1st goal.

Didn't help:

Pearce - Bornstein was terrible as well but Pearce was actually worse.  together possibly the 2 worst players on the field.
Johnson - lack of touch, never really threatened goal.  And again, I thought he was completely outworked by Buddle.  Its the same old EJ.
Kljestan - Not a good sign for a center midfielder if I didn't even remember he was on the field until 10 minutes left.
Bedoya - I didn't think he saw much of the ball and therefore didn't impose himself in any way.  While it might have been a decent performance, its not helpful when you're trying to make the final 23.
Findley / Marshall - Didn't get on the field which means curtains for these 2 ultimate fringe players.

The Final 7 Cut List

1) I keep waffling on Pearce but after last night's shocker, he's done.  2) Marshall's done.  3) Kljestan was outplayed by Torres badly and I doubt he ever really had a chance.  4) Rogers was impressive last night but is still gone.  5) Findley's done.  6) EJ is out.

The only question is whether Bedoya or Buddle makes the team.  It hinges on what Bradley thinks Dempsey's role really is - a forward or wide right?  7) I think Bradley will have Dempsey play forward, so Buddle is cut.  I would rather take Buddle because I was impressed with his work rate last night.

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