Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd Group Game Wrapup

Argentina - Messi might not have scored yet but he is now the engine to that team, a role he hasn't been previously.
Netherlands - 6 points, rounding into form.
Brazil - Ivory Coast injured Elano and dove to get Kaka red carded, but at least both can take a breather and come back for the knockout round.

Cameroon - also belongs in embarrassing category.  1 of 3 teams to earn 0 points so far (N Korea, Nigeria)
N Korea - I hope no one gets sent to labor camps.

Just about Eliminated:
South Africa - their thrashing at the hands of Forlan was embarrassing and put them in a GD hole.
Ivory Coast - At least Drogba scored.  Portugal's 9 goal lead makes it nearly impossible for IC to advance.
Algeria - they need to beat the US and hope England loses to Slovenia.  Yeah, its possible.  Not likely.
Greece - basically, they need a result from Argentina and help.
Australia - need to win, need Ghana to beat Germany.
Slovakia - need to beat Italia.
New Zealand - need to beat Paraguay by more than Italy beats Slovakia.
Honduras - they need to win, Spain to lose and goal differential.  stick a fork in em.

Africa - All 6 countries are likely to be eliminated after group stage.  4 are all but done, and if favored Germany beats Ghana and favored Serbia beat Australia, Ghana's out too.  Nigeria needs to beat S Korea.
France - This chaos was predictable.  A non-cohesive side losing to Mexico (ugh), Anelka's profane mouth getting him kicked off the team, the team refusing to practice as a result, team trainer and team director quitting, and Domenech doing NOTHING.  Though his stupidity is not an excuse for the players' off the field behavior, Domenech's incompetence on and off the field is the reason they have yet to win.  He should've been fired 4 years ago, much less 4 weeks ago since he was the lame duck coach anyway.  I would install the new guy in now.  Today.  They can still advance.  Ireland is happy at least.
England - 2 draws in 2 games with the group leader left to play is not the most desirable position, but they control their own destiny.  Man, English media are impossible to deal with.
Italy - Should've lost vs New Zealand since that penalty was the result of a Italian dive (De Rossi) but the media's obsession with NZ as the cinderella was a little over the top.  Italy will still qualify.

Ticked off:
Germany - after thrashing the Aussies by 4, the Germans were the victim of a horrible refereeing job that saw too many yellows for ticky tack fouls and the 1st half ejection of Klose in their 1-0 loss to Serbia.

Win and they're in:
Uruguay, Mexico, S Korea, Slovenia, England, USA, Germany, Ghana, Serbia, Japan, Denmark, Paraguay, Italy, NZ (whoa), Portugal, Chile, Nigeria (and Argentina beats Greece)

Quite a Predicament:
Group H - Spain, Chile, Switzerland could all end up with 6 points after the group stage.

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