Saturday, June 5, 2010

Aussie Oy!

The US prevailed 3-1 in the last warm-up game before England.  I think the offense showed that it is ready but the defense is still a cause for concern.  The Aussies had plenty of good opportunities that England will finish.  The fact that neither Bocanegra and Onyewu went the full 90 means that Bradley is still concerned about their fitness.


Buddle - First goal proved that he belonged here instead of Ching.  Second goal was a result of doing what good strikers do: be in the right position to score should the chance come.

Dempsey - Threatening the whole game.  Seems to be in good form.  Had a goal called back and his assist to Findley was blatantly missed.

Donovan - While Dempsey was more influential, Landon still seems to be on his game.  Did provide Gomez' assist.

Cherundolo - pretty much sealed his starting spot.  Also provided excellent cross of Buddle.

Bradley - Helped control midfield flow and did the dirty defensive work well.

Howard - thankful for Timmy.  I'd really rather have Friedel as a backup over Guzan or Hahnemann.

Bocanegra - solid, no-nonsense.  can't be too critical with Bornstein behind him.

Goodson - Played solidly again and has injected himself into race for possible starting spot if Gooch can't go.

Gomez - Good goal after Landon's hard cross to close out game.


Findley - missed 2 relatively easy goals.  A striker needs to finish.

Hahnemann - tried to hand the backup role back to Guzan today.  While he was a strong shot-stopper, he was a heart attack waiting to happen everytime a cross was sent in.

DeMerit - seemed to be outplayed and shaky.  Gap narrowing between him and Goodson.

Clark - can't remember anything he did today.  Is Bradley really thinking of starting him over Edu?

Got a run out:

Onyewu - another warmup for that knee.

Bornstein - no huge gaffes today.

Beasley - looked better than summer of 09.

Guys who didn't play: Guzan, Holden, Edu, Torres, Feilhaber, Altidore, Spector

I thought Holden would have a bigger role to play than this.  I wonder if Beasley has supplanted him as first wide mid off the bench.  Edu needs to play over Clark, please.  Torres should perhaps play against Algeria and Slovenia, where we might have opportunity to possess the ball more.  Ditto for Feilhaber.  Spector seems to be having a bad year.  Whatever happened to those beautiful crosses from the Confed Cup?  Jozy's ankle needs to get better in a hurry.  I don't care how many goals Buddle can score against the Aussies, Jozy still has the experience on the big stage.

I like Dempsey's head to head man-up confrontations.  It reminds me of two elk going at it on planet earth.

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