Thursday, June 24, 2010

DeMarcus Cousins is a King

Initially, I did not want Cousins.  He acted like a primadonna in his one year at Kentucky.  But the experts said that this was a 4 player draft: Wall, Turner, Favors and Cousins.  The Kings had the 5th pick.  So we should take any of the 4 that fall to us.  And that was Cousins.  He's definitely got an NBA body and a NBA game.  And he already has a NBA attitude.  ugh.  Now we just need to hire Artest's psychiatrist.  And maybe Calipari, to run the Evans-Cousins show.

With Dalembert in the fold, we've suddenly become a very big team.  Cousins, Thompson, Landry, Greene, Casspi - we should be able to grab some boards this year.  Playoffs!


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