Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NBA thoughts in the midst of a World Cup season

-This has been the most boring playoffs in a long time.  I think only one series even went 7 games.  Both conference finals were clearly over after 2 games.

-Lebron tanked a series for no apparent reason.  It was almost as if someone was blackmailing him or something.  A no show in a pivotal Game 5 AT HOME?  Shocking.  Now we'll be forced to sit through a whole summer of free agent talk.  Personally, I hope he goes back to Cleveland and finishes what he couldn't, or wouldn't, do this postseason.

-Nash is just unbelievable at 36.  He is blowing away every stereotype that a white, foreign NBA player can't win.  He's also one of the best 3 point shooters to ever play PG.  Phil Jackson pointed out that he pass the ball with either hand every possible way and manage to get it to a shooter's "pocket".  I think the two time MVP (Kobe's only got 1, haha) is a top 5 PG of all time.

-Dwight Howard needs to step his game up.  He's being exposed as a mediocre playoff center with limited offensive game.

-How did the Kings end up with the 5th pick when the worst they could've done is 6th?

-Kobe's 4 or 5 jumpers in the 4th quarter vs the Suns were incredible.  They played great defense on him on every single J but he buried them anyway.

-Celtics are only team that could stop the Lakers because of the length of Perkins and Garnett up front and the athleticism of Rondo at PG.

-Still, I think the Lakers will win it all because they have the home court in Game 7.  I can't believe #2 Dallas and last year's western conf finalist, Denver, both went down 1st round.  I can't believe that dwarf teams, Jazz and Suns, were the only obstacles in the Lakers' way.  And I can't believe that the Cavs and Magic, both of whom have home court advantage over the Lakers didn't even make the Finals.  ugh.

-Even if Kobe wins another ring this year, it will still only be his 2nd championship as the #1 guy.  Its important to remember that Shaq was the Finals MVP those years.  But honestly, another ring should place him as a top 10 player of all time.

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