Friday, June 4, 2010

Sports Illustrated US Men's Soccer Covers

I thought I'd post SI's covers of US Men through the years.  Its not much, but its something.  Props to them for doing their part to showcase the US squad before or during the Cups.

1994 Earnie Stewart (vs Columbia)

2002 World Cup Preview

 2002 Landon Donovan (vs Mexico)

2006 World Cup Preview

2010 World Cup Preview

It makes sense that the USMNT didn't get on the cover before WC 1994 since the real story was the fact that this country was hosting the greatest sporting event in the world for the first time.  It also makes sense that SI was too busy covering Jordan's 6th championship in May and June of 1998 to pay attention to the US (even though a small mention on the corner of one week would've been nice).  But 2 covers in a month's span in 2002 makes up for it.  If we do well this year, I'm sure the US will get some more love again.

I would have done the same thing for ESPN mag but they thoroughly ticked me off with that ridiculous Rossi cover last month, which I will not post here cause it doesn't deserve to be seen ever again anywhere.  The punk kid posed with a ball painted with the US flag with the headline - "Meet America's Best Hope at the World Cup".  Oops.  Any soccer expert, including their recently departed columnist Jen Chang, could've told them months ago that Rossi probably wasn't going to make Italy's WC squad, which he didn't.

Hey ESPN, put Donovan, Dempsey or Howard on the cover, you morons.  And no, a separate WC preview edition doesn't count.  In fact, Rossi has as many ESPN covers as Donovan does (which he shared back in 2002 with Mathis and Beaz). ONE.  And only having 2 mags a month (another reason I'd never subscribe to espn mag) instead of SI's four isn't an excuse this year especially since you put Rossi and Eto'o on back to back covers.  This really calls for a boycott.  At least your web content is fine.

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