Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 10 Moments in US Soccer since WC 2006

1) Spain - beating Espana 2-0 in the semis of the 2009 Confederations Cup sent shock waves around the world.  It was one of the greatest moments in US Soccer history, period.

2) Bornstein's header vs Costa Rica - His improbable score with seconds left not only helped the US avoid losing at home, but secured Honduras' qualification over Costa Rica and most importantly, sealed the US' top spot in Concacaf qualification over Mexico.  It also lifted US soccer's spirits after Charlie Davies' accident horrific accident.  The emotional celebration after this game was unforgettable.

3) Gold Cup 2007 Final - Benny Feilhaber's golazo secured a 2-1 victory over hated rivals, Mexico and won the region's tournament.  This critical win secured a place in the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa.

4) 2-0 vs Mexico Feb 2009 - Not only did we beat Mexico, we beat them dos a cero, the seemingly preferred score vs el tri this decade.  Also, Michael Bradley's brace officially shut up all of his critics, who could no longer justify their cries of nepotism.  Bradley would be the force at CM to replace Reyna.

5) Brazil first half - Scores in the Confed Cup final by Dempsey and Donovan launched US soccer nation into a 1st half euphoria.  They believed they could win a FIFA tournament final for the first time.  Too bad the momentum could not be carried into the 2nd half.

6) WC Qualification! - a 3-2 hard fought victory in Honduras secured US' place in the World Cup 2010 with just 1 game left.  While of the utmost importance, qualification was already a near certainty.

7) US 3-0 over Egypt, Brazil 3-0 over Italy - After 2 brutally disheartening losses vs Italy and Brazil, we needed those 2 exact scorelines in order to advance from our group.  Dempsey scored the final goal to put us into the semis vs Spain.

8) Leading 1-0 at Azteca - Charlie Davies' blazing speed and great touch helped the US go ahead at Azteca, where the US hardly scores, much less expects to win.  If Donovan had not been stricken by the swine flu, the US might indeed have won.

9) Jozy Altidore emerges - Hat trick vs Trinidad & Tobago announced the arrival of a long-awaited new young force at striker.

10) 2-0 vs Mexico in Feb 2007.  While Bradley made his debut (which I personally attended) a month earlier, this victory went a long way in securing his place as permanent coach in leading the US to WC 2010.  Also, it continued our dominance over el tri once again.

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