Sunday, May 30, 2010

US Turkey Player Ratings

Unlike the game vs the Czechs, the US deployed its best players in an effort to win Sat's friendly vs Turkey.

Player Ratings:

Howard 6 - Seriously, he seems to be having an aneurysm every time the defense makes a mistake.  But he was solid and could do little more to prevent the one goal.

Spector 3 - Slow and exposed by Turkey's speed on the flank.  His impressive run was nullified when no one covered for his vacated space, which led to Turkey's goal.

DeMerit 5 - His failure to step to a dribbling attacker several times in the first half led to dangerous chances for Turkey in the 1st half.  However, settled down in the 2nd half.  Also, his distribution and long balls out of the back seem to be more effective than what we've seen from CBs in the past.  One pass led to the US' first goal.

Goodson 4 - Implicated by US shaky defensive line in 1st half.  Came off at half for Gooch.

Bocanegra 6 - Held his own at LB.

Donovan 7 - minimal impact in 1st half, but assisted on both goals in 2nd.

Bradley 6 - usual hard-working self.  Found it interesting that Torres pointed him out for playing great defense.

Clark 3 - didn't do well in defending or holding ball.  Came off at half for Torres.

Feilhaber 4 - started well but faded as 1st half went on.  Came off for Findley at half.

Altidore 5 - poor first half except for one breathtaking run.  Got pushed off ball several times.  However, scored in 2nd half.

Dempsey 5 - couldn't get his feet under him the first half.  However, scored in 2nd half on a great effort.


Jose Francisco Torres 8 - clean on the ball, possessed and passed with authority.  He has the technical skill that most on our team lack.  More impressively, he tackled relentlessly.

Robbie Findley 7 - an absolute revelation.  His speed kept Turkey defense on their heels and his delicate lob enabled the first goal.  However, ran out of room on the endline several times.

Onyewu 6 - improvement in performance from Czech game.  Good partnership with DeMerit.

Cherundolo 7 - immediate improvement over Spector.  His speed allowed him to be a better defender.

Bornstein 0 - worst player for the US.  His speed did not make up for his mental mistakes.

Holden - incomplete.  not enough PT.

Guzan, Hahnemann, Beasley, Edu, Gomez, Buddle were unused subs.  Probably because most played in Tuesday's Czech Rep game.

The biggest story for me from this game is the revelation of Robbie Findley.  I had assumed that he would be the last forward off the bench or in case we need a speed infusion in the late stages of a game.  However, his ability to put pressure on the defense and the touch required to lob that chip in to setup Jozy's goal was nothing short of astounding.  At the very least, it justified his selection to the final 23.

Torres' commanding performance today was a reminder of the future that our team has.  With Torres, Holden, Bradley and Edu sure to be in the mix for years, our midfield is in good hands.  Jose could very well play a big role in any success we have this year as well as long as his defense continues to improve.

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