Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NFL Week 1 Predictions / Record

For fun, I'm gonna predict all the games this year and update my record after each week.

Vikings at Saints - Saints win in high scoring affair.
Raiders at Titans- The side with CJ wins at home.
Panthers at Giants - Giants in easy game.
Colts at Texans - Manning's dominance continues.  X
Broncos at Jaguars - MJD is best player on the field.
Falcons at Steelers - Matt Ryan > Dennis Dixon.  X
Dolphins at Bills - Dolphins win unwatchable match.
Lions at Bears - Mike Martz's offense overpowers Lions.
Bengals at Patriots - Brady and Moss show they're back.
Browns at Buccaneers - Browns win even more unwatchable match.   X
49ers at Seahawks - Niners give petey a harsh welcome.  X
Packers at Eagles - Home field keeps Eagles in the game for a half.
Cardinals at Rams - Cards are mediocre, but Rams are terrible.
Cowboys at Redskins - Romo's offense outshines McNabb.  X
Chargers at Chiefs - Chiefs can't hang with Rivers.  X
Ravens at Jets - Jets' O might be bad, but they edge out Ravens at home.  X

Week 1 Record:  9-7    Okay, that's a bad start.

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