Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NFL Week 2 Predictions / Record

Steelers at Titans - Vince Young > Dennis Dixon X
Ravens at Bengals - Bengals in upset.  Ocho and TO have big games. 
Eagles at Lions - Tough call but Eagles D is better.
Cardinals at Falcons - Falcons won't be 0-2.
Dolphins at Vikings - Favre gets back into flow.  X
Chiefs at Browns - Young playmakers win it.
Buccaneers at Panthers - Only because they're at home. X
Bills at Packers - Easiest pick of the year.
Bears at Cowboys - As long as that O-line settles down. X
Seahawks at Broncos - Pete's win was a fluke.
Rams at Raiders - Bradford's a turnover machine.
Jaguars at Chargers - SD settles down. 
Patriots at Jets - Jets O is terrible, losing Jenkins shakes up D.  X
Texans at Redskins - Houston proves themselves as contender.
Giants at Colts - Peyton won't lose Manning bowl. 
Saints at 49ers - Sad to say, 49ers will put up valiant effort but start 0-2.

Week 2 record: 11-5

Season record: 20-12

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