Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NFL Week 4 Predictions / Results

49ers at Falcons - New OC opens things up for SF, and Atlanta suffers letdown after big win.  X
Jets at Bills - Bills ownership not trying to win, neither will the players.
Bengals at Browns - Cincy defense dominates the day.  X
Lions at Packers - Rodgers runs up the score after last week's frustrating loss.
Broncos at Titans - Titans are surprisingly emerging as force to be reckoned with.  X
Seahawks at Rams - I'm pulling for the Rams so badly.  X
Panthers at Saints - Poor Panthers will suffer Brees' wrath.
Ravens at Steelers - Steelers can't possibly go 4-0 without Big Ben, can they?
Texans at Raiders - Embarrassed Texans take it out on Cable's crew.
Colts at Jaguars - The Jags would've been better off drafting Tebow and handing him the keys.  X
Redskins at Eagles - Marquee matchup of the week.  McNabb gets booed, Vick gets the W.  X
Cardinals at Chargers - Rivers will throw till his arm falls off.  They win in blowout.
Bears at Giants - Giants rebound from 1-2 start and bring the sky high Bears back down to earth.
Patriots at Dolphins - Patriots defense gets gashed by Dolphin running game.  X

Week 4 Record: 7-7

Season Record: 37-25

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