Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giants good, MLB bad

Giants advance past the Braves to the NLDS vs the Phillies!  (Thanks in part to Cody Ross.)  Just wanted to get that in there.

So I always get asked why I care about the Giants when I dislike MLB so much.  Well, they've got a point.  Although I don't follow them as religiously as UCLA ball or US Soccer, I follow 'em cause they're the team I grew up watching.  But unless its the Giants or perhaps a Yankees-Red Sox playoff game, I'm not watching MLB.  That's one problem MLB has.  People watch their own teams, but not the sport itself.  Its why last night millions watched a meaningless and ultimately boring Titans-Jaguars MNF game instead of the Yankees-Rangers ALDS game 3.  Don't get me wrong, I flipped back and forth to see the Yanks get destroyed in the 9th, but that was more than enough for me.  MLB needs to understand that their entire brand is important.  The NFL?  They do.  Its part of the reason why there's a midweek change to hopefully curtail helmet to helmet hits.  Baseball would've never done that.

I decided to post a few emails I've sent during this postseason:

Being reminded its a 5 game 1st round series:
Ridiculous.  162 games to make the playoffs and MLB thinks you only need 5 to see who's better.  absurd.

Watching teams celebrate after winning the first round:
Why do they celebrate with bubbly after winning a playoff round?

After being told the answer is tradition:
Baseball loves tradition more than common sense.  its pretty much the root of everything that's wrong with it.

After realizing that the 2nd round hasn't started after almost a whole work week has gone by:
Why the heck haven't the mlb 2nd round started yet?  What are they waiting for?  Are they trying to compete for viewers with college and the nfl this weekend?  Are they waiting for the rain and snow in Nov?  This is the dumbest sport out there.

After seeing pitcher Halladay run the bases with a track jacket on:
Why is he allowed to wear that jacket when no one else does?  What makes him so special that he needs to wear a jacket?  Oh, he's a pitcher?  He's not just another field player?  So why can't there be DH in the NL?
-Yeah, that's really how my brain thinks.

After reading a Posnanski article:
So Selig has always argued that his sport doesn't need fixing because the number of different teams that have won the WS in the last decade, etc.  Seriously makes me want to puke everytime I hear him interviewed.  So I read Posnanski's article just now in which he argues that baseball's better off with one less playoff round because its a crapshoot anyway.  Apparently, the better record team in the playoffs have a 117-102 record, just over 53%.  That's astounding.  And ridiculous.  I'd completely agree with him, IF every team played every other team in their league an equal number of times.  Heck, if every team played every team in MLB and equal number of times, you wouldn't even need the playoffs.  Best record wins championship (EPL style).  Otherwise, shorten the regular season, allow 16 postseason teams, lengthen the playoff rounds to 11 games, and the best team should win.

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