Monday, November 1, 2010

NFL Week 8 Predictions / Results

Dolphins at Bengals - Cincy takes it in a low scoring slugfest.  X
Jaguars at Cowboys - Kitna plays decently in first start.  X
Redskins at Lions - Stafford takes advantage of CJ and Best in his return.
Bills at Chiefs - Shocker special, Bills' prolific offense gets first win at very unlikely place.  X
Panthers at Rams - Panthers won't get another win for awhile.
Packers at Jets - Rodgers' offense is not hitting on all cylinders.  X
Broncos vs 49ers - Broncos are mad.  49ers are starting Troy Smith for a reason I don't get.  X
Titans at Chargers - SD is #1 in offense and defense.  They finally win a big game.
Seahawks at Raiders - Error filled game swings Oakland's way.
Vikings at Patriots - Favre will play, Peterson will win it.  X
Buccaneers at Cardinals - Bucs win an unwatchable game.
Steelers at Saints - Who knows which Saints team will show up?  Going with the Steelers.  X
Texans at Colts - Peyton, minus Collie and Clark, gets revenge for 1st game beatdown anyway.

Week 8 record: 6-7

Season record: 65-52

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