Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL Week 5 Predictions / Record

Jags at Bills - The stage is set for a great game from Mojo.
Buccaneers at Bengals - Benson finally breaks out this season.  X
Falcons at Browns - Last week's 49ers scare helps Falcons refocus.
Rams at Lions - Shaun Hill out duels Bradford for Lions' first win.
Chiefs at Colts - No team will even reach 4-0 this year since the Colts are ticked after losing to Jags.
Packers at Redskins - GB will regret not dealing for Marshawn Lynch, but not this game.  X
Bears at Panthers - With Cutler out, this contest is up in the air.  Bears by a hair.
Broncos at Ravens - Ravens secondary slow down Orton's newfound air attack.
Giants at Texans - Houston surprisingly dominates NY on both sides of the ball and blow them out.  X
Saints at Cardinals - Hmm, Drew Brees vs Max Hall.  Who should I pick?  X
Titans at Cowboys - After bye, Romo and the boys kick it into gear.  X
Chargers at Raiders - Oakland can't keep up with Rivers.  X
Eagles at 49ers - Defense plays well at home.  49ers reel off 3 in a row from here.  X
Vikings at Jets - Favre will make darn sure that Moss has a TD and the jacked up Vikes steal this one.  X

Week 5 Record: 6-8

Season Record: 43-33

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