Friday, October 8, 2010

SF Giants in the playoffs!

After a 7 year drought, the Giants finally made the playoffs, just edging the Padres even though they were down 6.5 games at one point in late August.  The NL West crown came down to the last 3 game series vs SD with the title and a playoff spot was finally secured on the last day.

Game 1 vs the Braves was the best debut for a pitcher ever.  Tim Lincecum threw a 14 strikeout, 2 hitter complete game.  Overall, though the Phillies are the easy favorite to win it all, I think the Giants' are the only team to pose a real threat in the NL because of their dominant starting rotation.  Why not?  Maybe these Giants will be the 2nd team of mine to ever win a championship for me (while I was a fan).  [The niners being the other].

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