Thursday, October 28, 2010

World Series Game 1: One down, three to go!

Giants 11 - Rangers 7

That's why they play the games.  Cliff Lee was being worshiped by ESPN talking heads and experts everywhere as one of the best postseason pitchers of all time.  He was supposed to be virtually unhittable.  Nobody locates a fastball like he does, he's the most consistent pitcher Nolan Ryan's ever seen, etc.  Last night, the Giants battered him for 8 hits and 7 runs and chased him out of the game after 4 and 2/3 innings.  Though Juan Uribe hit another game winning HR, this time a 3 run shot in the 5th, Freddy Sanchez was the most impressive Giant on the night, hitting 3 doubles and getting to 2nd base a 4th time after a Vlad G error and finishing with 3 RBIs.  With this game in their belt, I think now they truly have a good chance to win it all.  Had Cliff Lee dominated them and taken away home field advantage in the first game, it would have uphill vs a superior offensive squad the rest of the way.  The Rangers are still ultra dangerous though - it will be tough for the Giants to score enough runs to keep up.  After all, Texas scored 7 runs in a losing effort.  And the SF fan's greatest fear is that they used up all their offense in game 1.  But hey, that's why they play the games.

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