Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NFL Week 10 Predictions / Results

Ravens at Falcons - Two 6-2 teams.  Draftmates Flacco vs Ryan.  White v Boldin. X
Lions at Bills - Stafford can't stay healthy.  Bills win high scoring affair.
Vikings at Bears - Chicago won't allow Favre comeback.
Jets at Browns - Jets D stop Peyton Hillis.
Bengals at Colts - Bengals D can't stop Peyton Manning.
Titans at Dolphins - Randy Moss scores in debut.  X
Panthers at Buccaneers - How did the 49ers lose to the worst team in the L?
Texans at Jaguars - Another high scoring affair.  Houston eeks one out.  X
Chiefs at Broncos - Denver scores upset vs division rival.
Cowboys at Giants - Giants.  X
Seahawks at Cardinals - Seattle has been outscored 74-10 in the last 2 weeks.  X
Rams at 49ers - The legend of Troy Smith grows.
Patriots at Steelers - Steelers make case for best team in the L.  X
Eagles at Redskins - Philly loves Vick.  Nobody loves McNabb.

Week 10 record: 10-6

Overall record: 84-62

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