Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Week 9 Predictions / Results

Buccaneers at Falcons - Ryan slows down the pro-Freeman sentiment.
Bears at Bills - Buffalo's gotta win one of these weeks, right?  Not this week.
Patriots at Browns - Is anyone else shocked that NE only has 1 loss?  X
Jets at Lions - Jets secondary will slow Stafford down.
Cardinals at Vikings - I would've fired Childress a long time ago.  AD wins this one.
Saints at Panthers - Rumors of Brees' left knee tear is frightening for Saints fans.
Dolphins at Ravens - Dolphins are undefeated away.  Ravens haven't lost at home.
Chargers at Texans - Gates not healthy just won't do.  X
Giants at Seahawks - NY could be class of NFC now.
Chiefs at Raiders - Winner has advantage in AFC west, shockingly.  X
Colts at Eagles - Vick's return ruined by Peyton.  X
Cowboys at Packers - Dallas has given up.
Steelers at Bengals - Pitt offense takes it out on division rival.

Week 9 Record: 9-4

Overall Record: 74-56

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