Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Panthers at Steelers - Looks like Luck will be a Panther next year.
Cowboys at Cardinals - Kitna for 2nd half Dallas mvp.  X
Jets at Bears - I'm still not a believer in Chicago.  X
Patriots at Bills - no contest.
Ravens at Browns - Baltimore in close one.
49ers at Rams - Should the 49ers win this one, they have good chance to make the playoffs.  wow.  X
Titans at Chiefs - Arrowhead in Dec wins it.
Lions at Dolphins - Should I pick against the Lions again?
Redskins at Jaguars - Jags edge out Wash to stay in the hunt.  X
Texans vs Broncos - 2 disappointing teams - I'll go with Texans.  X
Chargers vs Bengals - Chargers push to catch Chiefs.  X
Colts at Raiders - They might not stop McFadden but Peyton wins anyway.
Seahawks at Buccaneers - Please, a TB win might propel niners into January.
Giants at Packers - If Rodgers plays, I'm picking GB.  If not, then NY.
Vikings at Eagles - Vick and Jackson are the 2 most dynamic players in the NFL.  X
Saints at Falcons - Gonna go with the NO upset.

Week 16 Record: 9-7

Overall Record: 147-97

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NFL Week 15 Predictions

49ers at Chargers - These two were supposed to win their West divisions.  Loser probably won't.
Browns at Bengals - After 10 losses in a row, the Bengals win their last game.
Redskins at Cowboys - This is the 'Boys last chance to win their 2nd home game.
Texans at Titans - Finnegan vs Johnson, Rd 2.
Jaguars at Colts - Division could be determined on Sunday.
Chiefs at Rams - Bradford hasn't been playing as well of late.
Bills at Dolphins - Miami's D wins this one.  X
Eagles at Giants - Giants hammer Vick and slow him down but can't score the upset.
Lions at Buccaneers - This one used to be unwatchable.  Wait, it still is.  X
Cardinals at Panthers - This one too.  X
Saints at Ravens - NO offense is coming around.  X
Falcons at Seahawks - Falcons have far easier schedule left than Saints.
Broncos at Raiders - Could Tebow start his first game?
Jets at Steelers - Both defenses are great.  Pitts offense is better than NY right now.  X
Packers at Patriots - Rodgers is likely out.  I wish Brady was too.
Bears at Vikings - Who's the backup?  Webb?

Week 15 Record: 11-5

Overall Record: 138-90

Sunday, December 19, 2010

UCLA knocks off ranked BYU in Wooden Classic

Reeves Nelson set a career high with 23 points in UCLA's first quality win of the season.  We really needed a win over a ranked team before conference play since the committees look for those when they select ncaa tournament teams.  Also, hopefully Nelson snaps out of his funk with this breakout game - Reeves' game-clinching emphatic dunk (in which a BYU player actually got his hand on the ball) might be the play of the season so far.

Overall, causing 19 turnovers and "only" committing 10 was a great sign for us.  Honeycutt and Jones both made big 3 pointers down the stretch to maintain our narrow lead.  It was just fitting that we won our first big game in the Wooden Classic.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UCLA > UCDavis

I'm glad I went to this game instead of the one vs Montana.  We witnessed a balanced attack as four starters scored in the double digits while Josh Smith finished with 8 points and 10 boards.  Honeycutt was the standout with 15 points, 12 boards, 5 blocks and 3 assists.

Monday, December 13, 2010

NFL Week 14 Predictions / Results

Colts at Titans - Peyton can't possibly lose 4 straight games, can he?
Browns at Bills - That Hillis trade is probably a big factor in McDaniels' firing.  X
Packers at Lions - The Lions seem to be having a much better season than their 2 wins... X
Giants at Vikings - Tavaris finishes game again and wins another one. X
Bengals at Steelers - This is probably a double digit pounding.
Buccaneers at Redskins - Going with 'Skins in the upset.  X
Falcons at Panthers - Would Car draft Luck even though they already have Clausen?  I would.
Raiders at Jaguars - MoJo is on fire right now.
Rams at Saints - Saints need to win out to grab top seed.
Seahawks at 49ers - Really?  Now Alex Smith is your guy, Mike?
Patriots at Bears - Hate to say it, but Brady is mvp so far.
Dolphins at Jets - NY takes it out on Chad Henne.  X
Broncos at Cardinals - At least the Broncos can score.  X
Chiefs at Chargers - Gonna pick SD in a must win game for them.  Will Cassell even play?
Eagles at Cowboys - I'm not picking against Vick on a fast track.
Ravens at Texans - Schaub has a big day. X

Week 14 Record: 9-7

Season Record: 127-85

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Week 13 Predictions / Results

Texans at Eagles - AJ mysteriously doesn't get suspended, Philly wins anyway.
Bills at Vikings - Adrian's balky ankle makes this a close game.
Browns at Dolphins - Dolphins slow down Peyton locomotive enough for one game.  X
Jaguars at Titans - Kerry Collins returns to right the ship.  X
Redskins at Giants - Manningham needs to come up big with Nicks and Smith out.
49ers at Packers - Might be a blowout.  Which niner team will show up?
Saints at Bengals - Everything about Cincy stinks.  Their QB, their divas, their unis.
Bears at Lions - Bears impressed me in shutting down the Eagles.
Broncos at Chiefs - Can Bailey slow down Bowe?
Raiders at Chargers - SD is on a roll.  Still favorites to win division.  X
Falcons at Buccaneers - Not picking against the ATL.
Rams at Cardinals - Of course the Cards will probably surprise us after the 49ers debacle.
Panthers at Seahawks - Please Carolina, please beat cheatey petey.
Cowboys at Colts - Peyton still has Wayne, Garcon and Tamme.  No excuses.  X
Steelers at Ravens - This could be an ugly game.
Jets at Patriots - 2 best AFC teams duke it out.  Don't see NY beating NE twice, especially with this one away.  I'm conflicted about who I want to see win though.  Belicheat, metro-Tom vs trojan Sanchez.

Week 13 Record: 12-4

Overall Record: 118-78

Here's the contenders through 3/4 of the season.


New England 10-2 - I think they're the best team right now.  Its not just their record.  Look at who they've beat: Baltimore, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, NY Jets.  If the playoffs run through Gillette Stadium in January, look out.

Pittsburgh 9-3 - The defense may have to carry the Steelers again if Big Ben's foot really is broken, just as they did during Big Ben's suspension.

NY Jets 9-3 - After over a month of barely edging out mediocre teams, they finally got served by the Patriots.  But, they've still got a dominant running game and great defense.  They should be able to regroup by playoffs.

Baltimore 9-3 - Flacco has yet to show that he can win big games consistently.  Raven's probably don't have what it takes.

Kansas City 8-4 - They're the only team with a 2 game cushion in division with 4 to play but they play the Chargers again.

Jacksonville 7-5 - Only leading because of Indy's faltering offense.  But hey, who doesn't want to see Mojo in the playoffs?  They've got to visit Indy soon.

Indianapolis 6-6 - Just 1 game back, you'd think Peyton will kick it into gear in December to make the playoffs.  Still, Peyton's Colts have finished with 12 wins in 7 years straight.  That's amazing.  This year, the best they can do is 10-6.


Atlanta 10-2 - Only one real test (vs NO) for the rest of the year, they should have 1st seed locked up.  Pretty impressive, they've beat the Saints, the Packers, the Ravens and the Bucs twice.  Only lost respectably to the Eagles and Steelers.

New Orleans 9-3 -  Though the play the Falcons, they've also got the Bucs and Ravens to beat before they can take the top seed.  But I wouldn't want to play Drew Brees in the playoffs.

Chicago Bears 9-3 - I didn't realize how many games they've won until just now.  They've reeled off 5 straight including a signature win over Philly in Week 12.  Though their defense is solid, they're definitely the weakest of NFC contenders because of Cutler.

Philadelphia Eagles 8-4 - Eagles matchup vs the Giants should decide the division crown.  I wouldn't want to gameplan for Vick in January, would you?

Green Bay Packers 8-4 - They were my preseason favorite to get to the SB.  I guess I'll stick with them, even though no one saw the rise of Vick coming back then.  The final game vs Chicago could determine the division.

NY Giants 8-4 - Well, only 5 of these 6 NFC teams can make the playoffs (because 1 of the Rams/Seahawks/49ers - yes, I'm holding out in blind hope - will have spot.)  I think it could be the inconsistent, banged-up and turnover prone Giants who miss out.

NFC West - I'm not listing the Rams cause then I'll have to list cheatey petey's seahawks.  Go niners.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

UCLA plays Kansas to a tie

Now that is some garbage.  Malcolm Lee even touched the ball first.

For those who were intelligent enough to avoid watching ESPN's over-hyped love affair of Lebron and Cleveland's mutual hatred and collective stupidity, perhaps saw a great college basketball game between two college basketball powerhouses.

Too bad the refs robbed UCLA and basketball fans everywhere of an rightful overtime period with that inane foul call.  So I've decided to just call it a 66-66 tie.

The Good

Honeycutt played the best game of his career finishing with 33 points, including a clutch game-tying NBA 3 pointer with 5.9 seconds left.  He shot 5-6 on 3 pointers, even getting fouled twice for 4 point plays, both of which he converted.  It was basically his national coming out party as a premier college player.  He single-handedly kept us in the game.  And the refs robbed everyone of the chance to see how he'd play in OT.  By the way, he's leaving for the draft next year.

Joshua Smith also played the best game of his young career, all 6 games of it.  Coming off the bench was an ingenious move by Coach Howland and it kept our big frosh out of early foul trouble.  In fact, he ended up with only 2 fouls.  Though Smith still needs to work on his low post footwork (and FTs) - he seems to have a predisposition to awkwardly turning the wrong way under the basket, he was still able to physically dominate the paint to the tune of 17 points, 13 rebounds including 8 offensive boards.  He's getting better.

(By the way Joshua, stop self-consciously pulling on your jersey as if those constant tugs will stretch it out enough so that nobody will notice your weight.  This reminds me of the time that the Lakers and Celtics agreed to play a game in throwbacks, complete with short shorts.  Except that the Celtics reneged and came out with knee longs.  It was the ultimate screw you.  The Lakers played embarrassed the entire first half just dying to get into the locker room for a change.  They kept tugging at their shorts at every stoppage.  Hilarious.  Anyway, Josh, go work out harder or ask for a bigger jersey.  Speaking of which, why is Adidas messing with tradition?  The lettering on the back should be straight across, not curved.  They messed up the football unis already but don't touch bball, please.  Anyway, in the meantime, instead of feeling so self-conscious, go dunk on somebody.)

The Bad

Malcolm Lee only scored 4 points.  On a night where Tyler is on fire, you could understand a slightly subpar scoring production from our leader and starting SG.  But 4 points is not enough.

Reeves Nelson has dominated inferior teams with inferior big men, but he was rendered just ordinary vs an elite Kansas frontcourt, at least for one night.  Though Kansas isn't overwhelmingly big, they are skilled and Nelson had a difficult time finding enough space to score.  He also has a problem with forcing his shot up when he should be passing, which can work vs the Cal States, but not always against the KUs.  He finished with only 5 points and 5 rebounds.  However, I still haven't forgotten when Nelson outplayed Cole Aldrich vs KU last year.  He has what it takes.

The Ugly

With the introduction of the uptempo offense, we all knew that an increased number of turnovers would come with it.  I just forgot how frustrating it is to watch.  It killed us last week in that maddeningly winnable game vs VCU where we gave up possession 21 times, including in our last 2 real possessions.  Argh.  Last night, we committed another 19.  Alarmingly, our PGs combined for 9 of those (Zeke 4, Jerime 5) while Reeves committed another 4.

The final foul call was preposterous.  A tied game.  2 players going for a loose ball.  Malcolm hesitated but still got his hand on it first.  It was an easy no call.  And it was a horrible ending to a great game.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just doesn't quite make sense...

- Jonathan Spector, the US international RB at West Ham who was banished to the bench after a year of poor form and who has never scored in 7 years of English football, manages to score 2 goals vs Manchester United in the Carling Cup.  Interestingly, he was deployed at midfield - perhaps that's the better position for him?

- The NCAA, who will even violate a homesick player for making a call home to mom from coach's phone, has ruled Cam Newton eligible to continue playing for Auburn after they confirmed that his father tried to sell his son's services to Miss St for $180K.  Really?  So Jeremy Bloom having a sponsor (if I remember correctly) as a world class skier makes him ineligible to play college football, but if your dad asks to be paid for you to play college football, that's okay?  Cam Newton's not going to miss a single game?  Ridiculous.  Corrupt.

- Lakers have lost 4 games in a row - to Utah, Indiana, Memphis and Houston.  No Phil Jackson championship team has ever lost 4 games in a row.  Panic!  Laker fans need to calm down.  Who in the West can beat the Lakers in 7 games in May-June?  Of course the Lakers will snap this streak on Friday against, who else, my Kings.

- Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan are involved in the biggest on-field fight in years but the tough disciplinarian Roger Goodell merely slaps them on the wrists with $25K fines?  He suspends players for many games for off the field misconduct but opts to let AJ slide even though he connected with 2 haymakers during a game?  The belief that this decision was influenced by NFL Network's Thursday night Texans game makes this even more egregious.

- Qatar wins the bid for the 2022 World Cup?  This is the most corrupt one of all.  Lets see.  Its around 110 degrees in Qatar - soccer is an outdoor sport.  They don't have stadiums built.  Their team has never qualified for the World Cup and isn't going to anytime soon.  There's less than 1.5 million people in Qatar.  They only have 1 major city.  The political situation is completely unstable.  Not many visitors will want to go there.  On the other hand, the US bid makes perfect sense.  Along with China, the US is the new frontier for soccer.  It also makes logistical sense.  In fact, if you were forced to hold the World Cup in the same country every time, you would pick the US.  80-100,000 person stadiums not being used in June.  People of every culture and country live here.  Easy transportation and lodging everywhere.  Heck, if Qatar ceases to be a country in 2021, they could just alert us on short notice and we could still host it practically overnight.  And now that they've awarded it to Qatar, an "Asian" country, China probably won't get it for awhile either.

So how did the undeserving Qatar win?  What can Qatar offer that the US can't (or didn't)?  Of course, by lining the pockets of voters with oil money.

Anyway, after Brazil, Russia and then Qatar, it should return to the US in 2026.  2030 will have to return to Europe, and therefore England.  Though they are the inventors of the beautiful game and home of the EPL, they haven't hosted since 1966.  Since all this makes too much sense, of course it won't happen.  At least we'll always have Spector's 2 goals.