Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just doesn't quite make sense...

- Jonathan Spector, the US international RB at West Ham who was banished to the bench after a year of poor form and who has never scored in 7 years of English football, manages to score 2 goals vs Manchester United in the Carling Cup.  Interestingly, he was deployed at midfield - perhaps that's the better position for him?

- The NCAA, who will even violate a homesick player for making a call home to mom from coach's phone, has ruled Cam Newton eligible to continue playing for Auburn after they confirmed that his father tried to sell his son's services to Miss St for $180K.  Really?  So Jeremy Bloom having a sponsor (if I remember correctly) as a world class skier makes him ineligible to play college football, but if your dad asks to be paid for you to play college football, that's okay?  Cam Newton's not going to miss a single game?  Ridiculous.  Corrupt.

- Lakers have lost 4 games in a row - to Utah, Indiana, Memphis and Houston.  No Phil Jackson championship team has ever lost 4 games in a row.  Panic!  Laker fans need to calm down.  Who in the West can beat the Lakers in 7 games in May-June?  Of course the Lakers will snap this streak on Friday against, who else, my Kings.

- Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan are involved in the biggest on-field fight in years but the tough disciplinarian Roger Goodell merely slaps them on the wrists with $25K fines?  He suspends players for many games for off the field misconduct but opts to let AJ slide even though he connected with 2 haymakers during a game?  The belief that this decision was influenced by NFL Network's Thursday night Texans game makes this even more egregious.

- Qatar wins the bid for the 2022 World Cup?  This is the most corrupt one of all.  Lets see.  Its around 110 degrees in Qatar - soccer is an outdoor sport.  They don't have stadiums built.  Their team has never qualified for the World Cup and isn't going to anytime soon.  There's less than 1.5 million people in Qatar.  They only have 1 major city.  The political situation is completely unstable.  Not many visitors will want to go there.  On the other hand, the US bid makes perfect sense.  Along with China, the US is the new frontier for soccer.  It also makes logistical sense.  In fact, if you were forced to hold the World Cup in the same country every time, you would pick the US.  80-100,000 person stadiums not being used in June.  People of every culture and country live here.  Easy transportation and lodging everywhere.  Heck, if Qatar ceases to be a country in 2021, they could just alert us on short notice and we could still host it practically overnight.  And now that they've awarded it to Qatar, an "Asian" country, China probably won't get it for awhile either.

So how did the undeserving Qatar win?  What can Qatar offer that the US can't (or didn't)?  Of course, by lining the pockets of voters with oil money.

Anyway, after Brazil, Russia and then Qatar, it should return to the US in 2026.  2030 will have to return to Europe, and therefore England.  Though they are the inventors of the beautiful game and home of the EPL, they haven't hosted since 1966.  Since all this makes too much sense, of course it won't happen.  At least we'll always have Spector's 2 goals.

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