Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Week 13 Predictions / Results

Texans at Eagles - AJ mysteriously doesn't get suspended, Philly wins anyway.
Bills at Vikings - Adrian's balky ankle makes this a close game.
Browns at Dolphins - Dolphins slow down Peyton locomotive enough for one game.  X
Jaguars at Titans - Kerry Collins returns to right the ship.  X
Redskins at Giants - Manningham needs to come up big with Nicks and Smith out.
49ers at Packers - Might be a blowout.  Which niner team will show up?
Saints at Bengals - Everything about Cincy stinks.  Their QB, their divas, their unis.
Bears at Lions - Bears impressed me in shutting down the Eagles.
Broncos at Chiefs - Can Bailey slow down Bowe?
Raiders at Chargers - SD is on a roll.  Still favorites to win division.  X
Falcons at Buccaneers - Not picking against the ATL.
Rams at Cardinals - Of course the Cards will probably surprise us after the 49ers debacle.
Panthers at Seahawks - Please Carolina, please beat cheatey petey.
Cowboys at Colts - Peyton still has Wayne, Garcon and Tamme.  No excuses.  X
Steelers at Ravens - This could be an ugly game.
Jets at Patriots - 2 best AFC teams duke it out.  Don't see NY beating NE twice, especially with this one away.  I'm conflicted about who I want to see win though.  Belicheat, metro-Tom vs trojan Sanchez.

Week 13 Record: 12-4

Overall Record: 118-78

Here's the contenders through 3/4 of the season.


New England 10-2 - I think they're the best team right now.  Its not just their record.  Look at who they've beat: Baltimore, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, NY Jets.  If the playoffs run through Gillette Stadium in January, look out.

Pittsburgh 9-3 - The defense may have to carry the Steelers again if Big Ben's foot really is broken, just as they did during Big Ben's suspension.

NY Jets 9-3 - After over a month of barely edging out mediocre teams, they finally got served by the Patriots.  But, they've still got a dominant running game and great defense.  They should be able to regroup by playoffs.

Baltimore 9-3 - Flacco has yet to show that he can win big games consistently.  Raven's probably don't have what it takes.

Kansas City 8-4 - They're the only team with a 2 game cushion in division with 4 to play but they play the Chargers again.

Jacksonville 7-5 - Only leading because of Indy's faltering offense.  But hey, who doesn't want to see Mojo in the playoffs?  They've got to visit Indy soon.

Indianapolis 6-6 - Just 1 game back, you'd think Peyton will kick it into gear in December to make the playoffs.  Still, Peyton's Colts have finished with 12 wins in 7 years straight.  That's amazing.  This year, the best they can do is 10-6.


Atlanta 10-2 - Only one real test (vs NO) for the rest of the year, they should have 1st seed locked up.  Pretty impressive, they've beat the Saints, the Packers, the Ravens and the Bucs twice.  Only lost respectably to the Eagles and Steelers.

New Orleans 9-3 -  Though the play the Falcons, they've also got the Bucs and Ravens to beat before they can take the top seed.  But I wouldn't want to play Drew Brees in the playoffs.

Chicago Bears 9-3 - I didn't realize how many games they've won until just now.  They've reeled off 5 straight including a signature win over Philly in Week 12.  Though their defense is solid, they're definitely the weakest of NFC contenders because of Cutler.

Philadelphia Eagles 8-4 - Eagles matchup vs the Giants should decide the division crown.  I wouldn't want to gameplan for Vick in January, would you?

Green Bay Packers 8-4 - They were my preseason favorite to get to the SB.  I guess I'll stick with them, even though no one saw the rise of Vick coming back then.  The final game vs Chicago could determine the division.

NY Giants 8-4 - Well, only 5 of these 6 NFC teams can make the playoffs (because 1 of the Rams/Seahawks/49ers - yes, I'm holding out in blind hope - will have spot.)  I think it could be the inconsistent, banged-up and turnover prone Giants who miss out.

NFC West - I'm not listing the Rams cause then I'll have to list cheatey petey's seahawks.  Go niners.

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