Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NFL Week 15 Predictions

49ers at Chargers - These two were supposed to win their West divisions.  Loser probably won't.
Browns at Bengals - After 10 losses in a row, the Bengals win their last game.
Redskins at Cowboys - This is the 'Boys last chance to win their 2nd home game.
Texans at Titans - Finnegan vs Johnson, Rd 2.
Jaguars at Colts - Division could be determined on Sunday.
Chiefs at Rams - Bradford hasn't been playing as well of late.
Bills at Dolphins - Miami's D wins this one.  X
Eagles at Giants - Giants hammer Vick and slow him down but can't score the upset.
Lions at Buccaneers - This one used to be unwatchable.  Wait, it still is.  X
Cardinals at Panthers - This one too.  X
Saints at Ravens - NO offense is coming around.  X
Falcons at Seahawks - Falcons have far easier schedule left than Saints.
Broncos at Raiders - Could Tebow start his first game?
Jets at Steelers - Both defenses are great.  Pitts offense is better than NY right now.  X
Packers at Patriots - Rodgers is likely out.  I wish Brady was too.
Bears at Vikings - Who's the backup?  Webb?

Week 15 Record: 11-5

Overall Record: 138-90

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