Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Panthers at Steelers - Looks like Luck will be a Panther next year.
Cowboys at Cardinals - Kitna for 2nd half Dallas mvp.  X
Jets at Bears - I'm still not a believer in Chicago.  X
Patriots at Bills - no contest.
Ravens at Browns - Baltimore in close one.
49ers at Rams - Should the 49ers win this one, they have good chance to make the playoffs.  wow.  X
Titans at Chiefs - Arrowhead in Dec wins it.
Lions at Dolphins - Should I pick against the Lions again?
Redskins at Jaguars - Jags edge out Wash to stay in the hunt.  X
Texans vs Broncos - 2 disappointing teams - I'll go with Texans.  X
Chargers vs Bengals - Chargers push to catch Chiefs.  X
Colts at Raiders - They might not stop McFadden but Peyton wins anyway.
Seahawks at Buccaneers - Please, a TB win might propel niners into January.
Giants at Packers - If Rodgers plays, I'm picking GB.  If not, then NY.
Vikings at Eagles - Vick and Jackson are the 2 most dynamic players in the NFL.  X
Saints at Falcons - Gonna go with the NO upset.

Week 16 Record: 9-7

Overall Record: 147-97

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