Monday, December 13, 2010

NFL Week 14 Predictions / Results

Colts at Titans - Peyton can't possibly lose 4 straight games, can he?
Browns at Bills - That Hillis trade is probably a big factor in McDaniels' firing.  X
Packers at Lions - The Lions seem to be having a much better season than their 2 wins... X
Giants at Vikings - Tavaris finishes game again and wins another one. X
Bengals at Steelers - This is probably a double digit pounding.
Buccaneers at Redskins - Going with 'Skins in the upset.  X
Falcons at Panthers - Would Car draft Luck even though they already have Clausen?  I would.
Raiders at Jaguars - MoJo is on fire right now.
Rams at Saints - Saints need to win out to grab top seed.
Seahawks at 49ers - Really?  Now Alex Smith is your guy, Mike?
Patriots at Bears - Hate to say it, but Brady is mvp so far.
Dolphins at Jets - NY takes it out on Chad Henne.  X
Broncos at Cardinals - At least the Broncos can score.  X
Chiefs at Chargers - Gonna pick SD in a must win game for them.  Will Cassell even play?
Eagles at Cowboys - I'm not picking against Vick on a fast track.
Ravens at Texans - Schaub has a big day. X

Week 14 Record: 9-7

Season Record: 127-85

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