Friday, January 21, 2011

NFL Playoffs Conference Championships

While the wildcard weekend could not have gone much worse (Carroll won, Peyton lost), the divisional weekend turned out great.  The Belicheats and Brady were beat down and befuddled in their loss at the hands of their divisional rival.  Better yet, the Jets publicly and shamelessly savored their victory as well.  Brady has not won a playoff game (0-3) since their epic failure to go undefeated in the Super Bowl vs the Giants.  Finally karma is catching up with the Bill Belicheat, who was badly outcoached and defeeted, sorry, by Ryan.  Also, while I was supposed to be rooting for the Falcons last weekend, I really didn't mind that the Pack won.

Jets at Steelers
The Jets have served their purpose and I'm done rooting for trojan Sanchez.  The Steelers D is much tougher than the Colts or Patsies so Sanchez won't have his way again.  Big Ben is a big game quarterback and though I'm tired of seeing Pittsburgh in the Superbowl, its better than another 2 weeks of the Jets.  I'll pick Steelers at home.

Packers at Bears
I still can't get over the fact that Chicago is one of 4 teams left.  Cutler seems ripe to have a disaster game, and this could be it.  That said, the Pack only won 10-3 at Lambeau in the regular season even though the Bears had nothing to play for.  And I'm a little bothered by the fact that most experts are picking the Packers (and the Steelers for that matter), but there's no way I'm taking Cutler over Rodgers.  Rodgers won't ever lose the game for the Packers, Cutler might, any given Sunday.

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