Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NFL Playoffs Divisional Rd

Okay, apparently Eagles to win the Superbowl was not such a great pick.  The entire wildcard weekend was not so great either.  My rooting interest, the Colts, got dumped out first round by the Jets while Reggie Wayne only had 1 catch for 1 yard.  And worst of all, the Saints pathetically allowed 41 points by the Seahawks including a ridiculous 67 yard, 8 broken tackle run by Marshawn Lynch to seal the game.  That run should have been a 4 yarder.  Ugh.

Seahawks at Bears
Of course cheatey petey gets to play the weaker of the top seeds in the Bears.  You never know what kind of catastrophe Jay Cutler will perpetrate on his own team.  I'm going to pick Chicago anyway - their defense is much better than the Saints.

Ravens at Steelers
This is a can't miss violent collision waiting to happen of mirror image teams.  I think Polamalu is currently better than Reed, Harrison is better than Lewis, and Roethlisberger (broken nose notwithstanding) is better than Flacco.  So I'll take the Steelers.

Jets at Patriots
Yes, I'm rooting for trojan Sanchez to beat Brady.  Yes, I'm rooting for potty-mouthed Rex Ryan to beat classless Bill Belicheat.  But I think Rex Ryan will only taste defeet.  No, I did not come up with that.

Packers at Falcons
I hope the winner of this game wins it all.  Hate the Seahawks.  Don't like Cutler and the Bears.  Steelers have won way too much.  Ravens are uninteresting.  Jets are too uncouth for me and they have trojan Sanchez.  I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd rather Pete Carroll win a Superbowl instead of Belicheat/Brady.  So that leaves GB and the ATL.  I like Rodgers - he's definitely my favorite QB left.  His success will also affirm GB's decision to pick him over Favre.  But, the Packers have won way too much.  I'm still sore about what they did to my 9ers in the 90s.  So, I guess I'm officially rooting for the Falcons.  But I'm picking the Pack to win on Sat.

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