Thursday, January 6, 2011

Perusal of preseason's postseason picks

Here's a quick lookback at my preseason divisional / playoff picks and a new playoff prediction for good measure.

NFC West Champ: 49ers (Actual: Seahawks)
Well, that didn't go according to plan, did it?  Had we beat the 1-15 Panthers like every other team this year AND not have literally given the game away vs the Falcons, when Clements got stripped by Roddy White when he should've just knelt down after the INT with the lead, we'd be in the playoffs.  Heck, had we beat the stinkin Rams in Week 16, we'd be in the playoffs.  But no.  Of all teams, cheatey petey's team made it.  And now we don't have a QB or a head coach.  WORST SEASON IN THE NFC WEST EVER.  At least we have the World Series.

NFC North Champ: Packers  (Actual: Bears)
Who knew the Bears would go 11-5?  I still think if the Pack were healthy, they would've won this division going away.

NFC South Champ: Saints (Actual: Falcons)
I know the Falcons only lost 3 games but I still think the Saints are the more feared team come playoffs.  Still, great season for Atlanta.  You gotta be happy for Arthur Blank. 

NFC East Champ: Giants (Actual: Eagles)
No one could predict the Cowboys' pathetic start.  No one could predict Vick's mercurial season.  But you'd think the Giants would at least snag a wild card spot for goodness' sake. You'd think I'd get at least 1 of the 4 NFC division champs right too.

NFC Wildcards: Cowboys and Vikings (Actual: Packers and Saints)
Well, if I could replace the Seahawks with the Giants, then this would definitely be the 6 best NFC teams going at it.  I'm just glad that the Cowboys and Vikings' circuses help to overshadow the disappointment that is the 49ers.

AFC West Champ: Chargers (Actual: Chiefs)
0 for 5 for division champs.  Who knew that SD couldn't even get a punt off?  Who would've thought that Oakland wouldn't lose a single AFC west game and still lose the division by 2 games?  Chiefs surprised everyone.

AFC North Champ: Ravens (Actual: Steelers)
Well, even with Big Ben's suspension, their defense singlehandedly won games.  But hey, the Ravens and Steelers did finish with the same record.

AFC South Champ: Colts (Actual: Colts)
In a league of unpredictability, you can always rely on Peyton, even though they were 6-6 at one point and in serious danger of missing the playoffs...

AFC East Champ: Patriots (Actual: Patriots)
I just knew it.  I just knew Belicheat and Brady would be back.  So who am I rooting for this playoffs?  The Los Angeles Aetps - Anyone except the patriots.

AFC Wildcards: Steelers and Texans (Actual: Ravens and Jets)
Unlike the NFC, the 6 best AFC teams did make the postseason.  The Texans are just perennial losers, aren't they?  They need to sign a new secondary.

NFC Championship Game: Eagles over Falcons
I had previously taken the Packers over the Saints, but the Vick at Atlanta championship game is intriguing.  This weekends' Eagles-Packers wild card game could be an early matchup of the best 2 teams in the NFC right now.

AFC Championship Game: Steelers over Patriots
Its looking unlikely that my Colts over Ravens prediction will come true.  I think the banged up Colts probably won't even get past the Jets.  The Steelers and Pats will probably hold home field and I'm hoping for a minor Pittsburgh miracle.

Superbowl: Eagles over Steelers
Vick might be struggling now, but somehow teams that were on a ridiculous roll in the regular season, then faltered late, can sometimes find their mojo again seemingly out of nowhere.  Then again, they haven't really protected Vick this season at all, have they?  Heck, what do I know, anyway?

Go Colts.

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