Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cardinal goes down

We were down 22-8 when I first walked in and saw the scoreboard.  I guess we really didn't miss much.  The rest of the way we outscored the cardinal 60-35.  Someone should thank me.

I like that Lazeric and Malcolm combined for 19-21 on FTs.  Our much improved guard play is the biggest reason for our massive improvement from last year.  Last year was the first time Howland has ever been without a future NBA-er at PG here at UCLA.  Jones might not be NBA quality, but he looks to be an above average solid college starter.

Malcolm's defense has been a huge story for us this year.  If Howland calls you one of the best wing defenders in the country, that's definitely something.  I'll get off Lee's back for his lack of consistent offense now.

Back to the game - when Honeycutt hit that 3 to finally tie the game late in the 1st half, Pauley went nuts.  The band appropriately struck up Mighty Bruins, which is exceedingly exciting for my toddler since he sings it multiple times a day.

He got to sing it again in the 2nd half after we went from a tie game to 10 point lead in span of 6 game minutes.  Its nice to beat the Cardinal since memories of losing to Montgomery's Pac10 dominating squads a decade ago are still fresh in my mind.

Anyway, the advantage of a Sat morning game is that I don't have to rush home to put my boys down to bed right after.  We were able to hang around after the game and get my younger son's first picture with Joe Bruin.  We also got to meet and take pics with Tyus Edney, Josh Smith and Brendan Lane.  I guess we could've waited longer for other players but meeting Edney was enough for me.

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