Friday, February 4, 2011

I apologize to you, Kevin Love, NBA Allstar

I was completely wrong.  I was so mad at Kevin Love for leaving UCLA after a year.  I was still mad even when he was picked #5 overall.  I argued that his glory years were in college.  If he truly wanted to make his mark and be GREAT, he had to do it in at UCLA.  I thought he could be LEGEND here, but he gave it up for money and mediocrity there.  I thought that this 6-7 1/2 white guy would probably average a solid 10-12 points and 7-8 rebounds at most and be a good contributor in the NBA, but never an allstar.  No way.  NEVER.

This season stats: 21.4 points a game (16th leading scorer), 15.4 rebounds per game (overall NBA leader by a whopping 1.9 rebounds). 43.9% 3 point shooting (10th overall), 43 double-doubles on the season (1st overall by 3 games over Blake Griffin).

So, I hereby apologize to Kevin Love for saying what I said and believing what I believed.  Congrats.  You made the right decision.  You are THE man.

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