Friday, February 4, 2011

Packers v Steelers in the SB

Jets would've been insufferable had they won.  So I'm glad its the Steelers and Packers, two teams that are currently relatively likable and are led by two big name QBs.  There's nothing worse than a SB team led by a mediocre game-manager of a QB, like Trent Dilfer.  I want to see games won and lost, legacies built or buried by the QBs in the SB.

Roethlisberger might've already won 2 rings, but he's never been SB MVP.  Plus, a win Sunday would catapult him into the rare air of 3 time champions.  A ring for Rodgers would elevate him into the tier of current great quarterbacks alongside Peyton, Brady, Brees and Big Ben, even higher than Eli Manning ( the only other QB champion starting in the league currently), because of the stats that he's put up.  Also, if he wins, he will have more than justified Ted Thompson, the Packers GM, and his decision 3 years ago to trade Brett Favre.

That reason alone makes me pull for the Packers this Sunday.  Yes, I've always had a deep distaste for the Packers after what they did to my 49ers in the latter 90s.  (And I really dislike the green and yellow scheme - even though, or perhaps as a result of, they were my youth soccer club and high school colors.  But I see those teams as Brett's Packers and any success Rodgers has is anti-Favre.  Rodgers has a chance to equal (and perhaps eventually surpass) Brett's ring count and therefore take away the one thing Favre has going for him - being the only QB since the 1960s to bring a championship to Green Bay.

Side note: Brett's had a horrible year, hasn't he?  Consecutive games streak broken.  Team isn't even close to playoffs.  He has the worst stats of his career.  The Jenn Sterger saga (and also 2 masseuse's lawsuits) was embarrassing and put a permanent damper on his nice country boy image.  And now, the reason he was no longer wanted in GB has quietly put together 3 consecutive MVP stat worthy years culminating in a SB appearance?  So yes, if Rodgers wins the SB MVP, this will be Favre's worst year ever.

Another reason I'm rooting for the Pack is that I'm tired of the Steelers winning championships.  They've already won 2 in the last 5 years and now they alone have 6 total.  Another championship and my 49ers might not ever catch up.

The last reason is simply that I like Rodgers better.  Big Ben was not the nicest to women, to put it mildly, no matter how much he has changed in the last few months.  Its time for Rodgers to become the next big time QB.  Man, I wish he was a 49er.

Prediction: Steelers 23 - Packers 20.  It seems dead even to me so this is a complete guess.  Both teams are great defensively but the Steelers run the ball better and have championship experience.  Big Ben seems indestructible and always makes plays in crunchtime.  I guess I'll have to pick them until I see them lose.  The Santonio Holmes TD catch, wrecking Kurt Warner's story, is burned into my mind.

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