Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clint Dempsey EPL Record

Clint Dempsey became the first American to score 10 goals in a single season in the English (Barclays) Premier League, breaking Brian McBride's record set in 2005-06 and repeated in 2006-07 (also at Fulham).  Dempsey broke the record by left-footing a shot into the left bottom corner against, coincidentally, fellow American Tim Howard and Everton.  There are 8 more games this season for Clint to increase his tally.  Of the 10 goals, 5 were scored with his head, 4 with his feet, 1 from the penalty spot.  Clint also missed a PK against Chelsea that would have been his 10th, but that is old news now.  Congrats to one of the most successful Americans in Europe ever.

2006-07 - Dempsey transferred to Fulham in January and scored 1 goal (saving Fulham from relegation) in 10 appearances (9 subs, 1 start)
2007-08 - He scored 6 goals in 29 starts, 7 subs
2008-09 - He scored 7 goals in 28 starts, 7 subs.  (Also 1 goal in 5 FA Cup appearances)
2009-10 - He scored 7 goals in 27 starts, 2 subs. (Also 2 goals in 5 Europa League appearances, including ridiculous Juventus chip)
2010-11 - 10 goals in 28 starts, 2 subs.  (Also 1 goal in 2 Carling Cup games).  8 games left.

This is a good time for Americans in the Premiership.  Having Americans like Claudio Reyna and Brian McBride pave the way before, many teams are more willing to sign on a US international.  Landon Donovan's highly successful stint at Everton didn't hurt either and it seems that the American midfielder especially has earned a measure of respect in England.  Currently besides Dempsey, Bolton's Stuart Holden is having a great season (although his season ending knee injury this past Saturday is a heartbreaker for the kid who was still recovering from a broken leg during the World Cup last summer).  Aston Villa has brought on Michael Bradley, Blackburn's got Jermaine Jones and West Ham has moved Jonathan Spector to midfield with much better results.  (Also, Maurice Edu is solid contributor for the Rangers in Scotland as well.)

Had Holden been healthy, I would've loved to see a 5 midfielder lineup (with a lone forward) like this for Sat's Argentina match:

Donovan - Holden - Dempsey

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