Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness Predictions

68 teams?  really?  Okay, I can understand wanting to give more little guys a chance to battle it out for the right to lose to the #1 seed.  I'm fine with those play-in games.  But why do we need five #11 seeds and five #12 seeds?  Why do they need a play-in game?  And even more ridiculous than that, why are the first 4 play-in games called the first round?  NCAA's money-grab just further make them seem small and pathetic.  The first round starts on Thursday and Friday when all 64 teams play.  That's the true first round.  Did anyone get excited about the play-in games?  Didn't watch, but at least I'm glad VCU eliminated u$c from making the tourney in their play-in.

I haven't seen a college basketball game this year that UCLA didn't play.  And I didn't have the energy to read all the experts and figure out consensus upset picks.  So my bracket is a complete guess - I'll probably do better than normal.

Upsets in the first round: Villanova, Marquette, Missouri, Illinois, Richmond, Old Dominion, Utah St.

Sweet Sixteen: OSU v Kentucky, Marquette v UNC, Duke v Texas, UConn v Temple, Kansas v Louisville, Purdue v ND, Pittsburgh v Wisconsin, St. John's v UCLA

Elite Eight: OSU over UNC, UConn over Duke, Kansas over ND, Wisconsin over UCLA

Final Four: OSU over UConn, Kansas over Wisconsin

Champ: Kansas over OSU

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