Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gold Cup: US v Panama Player Ratings

One of the worst losses for the US in recent history, since we've never lost a Gold Cup group game before.  So many of the things that I've been worried about has reared its head, including the unsettled central defense allowing early goals and the inability of our strikers to be consistent scoring threats.  Now we've got a must win game vs Guadeloupe, not to mention a possible tougher knockout road ahead.  (To make things much much worse, Mexico won its 3rd group game 4-1 which means it has outscored their first 3 opponents 14 goals to 1!  not good, not good).

Tim Howard 6.5 - actually made a good save on header that led to first goal, but couldn't scramble fast enough to save it from being nudged in.  Was solid but didn't have much to do rest of the night.

Steve Cherundolo 7 - essentially played like a right wing in this game, seemingly spending most of the game making runs off Donovan and sending in crosses, which got better later in the game.

Clarence Goodson 5 - was probably the better CB of the two defensively, but inadvertently rolled the ball toward goal on Panama's first score.  His goal partially makes up for it and I thought Ream should've been subbed off instead of Goodson because of his aerial prowess in the box.  But he did have a yellow.

Tim Ream 3 - troubled by Panama's athletic forwards and committed an egregious foul for the PK.  Just seemed shaky positionally and will need a better performance to get his confidence back.  I think he may be benched in last group game, but I haven't given up on him for 2014.

Carlos Bocanegra 6 - defensively played solid again but his lack of offensive ability essentially choked off our attack on left side.  Also committed frustration yellow at end of game.  He may have to be moved centrally for next game to shore up the inside.

Landon Donovan 7 - really came alive as the game progressed and fueled our attack.  His set piece crossing was particulary good, but our best player should have more chances on goal.

Jermaine Jones 4.5 - was active and physical which led to good and bad tackles, one of which earned him a yellow.  But, along with Bradley, he was unable to dominate midfield possession and showed his unhappiness with being subbed off.

Michael Bradley 5 - was virtually nonexistent in the 1st half, but was involved offensively in the 2nd.  He just missed a great chance late to secure a draw.

Clint Dempsey 7.5 - our best player of the game.  Sharp, attack-minded, involved, but just couldn't get the ball into the net.

Juan Agudelo 4.5 - Was active, but US' best chances seemed to come late in the game after he was subbed off in 59th minute.  Needs to work on working with Jozy in attack.

Jozy Altidore 4 - was most culpable on Panama's first goal as he watched and let his man get a free header on a set piece.  Also earned a stupid yellow for an emotional reaction.  For number of chances offensively especially late in the game, I can't remember that may of Jozy's shots on goal.  However, he did assist beautifully on Wondo's wonder-miss.


Sasha Kljestan 6.5 - good substitution to aid our attack later in the game.  Needs to distribute faster.

Alejandro Bedoya 6 - also added to our attack but I thought he did flop in the box for a deserved yellow.  Could have tracked the down the free ball and made a play.  Still, ideally suited to these kind of late minutes going forward.

Chris Wondolowksi 2 - had a glorious chance to earn a draw but completely muffed the easy shot by powering it over the top.  All he had to do was redirect it in.  Since scoring these kind of goals is all we're really asking him to do, I would've rated him a 8 had he made it.

Must be noted that Bradley called the same 18 onto the gameday roster - Hahnemann, Edu, Onyewu, Lichaj were the unused subs.

Vs Guadeloupe, Bradley will probably have to make some changes.  Perhaps something like this?

-------Dempsey - Altidore--------
Bedoya - Bradley - Edu - Donovan
Lichaj - Bocanegra - Goodson - Dolo

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