Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Week 1 Record: 9-7

Week 2 Predictions:
Raiders at Bills - Fitzpatrick doesn't get 4 TDs again, but gets another win.
Chiefs at Lions - Stafford's got Lions offense on all cylinders.  So much for my KC playoff call.
Ravens at Titans - Baltimore's beatdown of the Steelers announces their SB intentions.
Browns at Colts - Patriots without Brady?  11-5.  Colts without Manning?  uh oh. 
Buccaneers at Vikings - McNabb had 39 yards passing.  39.
Bears at Saints - Chicago can't keep up with Brees.
Jaguars at Jets - Romo gifted a W to the Jets with 2 stupid turnovers in the 4th.
Seahawks at Steelers - 7 turnovers on defense, 1 TD on offense?  never again.
Cardinals at Redskins - Grossman actually looked good vs NY.  Can they string 2 together?
Packers at Panthers - Lets see if Newman can hang 422 yards on this D.
Cowboys at 49ers - Ugh, I hate picking against SF, but they can't score enough points.
Bengals at Broncos - Raiders were definitely better, but Cincy is still one of the worst in the L.
Texans at Dolphins - Henne's 416 yards vs NE made fans forget about Orton.
Chargers at Patriots - I'm not picking against Brady, though his 517 yards are inflated by Welker's 99yd TD.
Eagles at Falcons - Vick's triumphant return to Atlanta will be the headline story.
Rams at Giants - It could happen, but I'm not ready to pick Eli to lose two in a row.

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