Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 Record: 12-4

Season Record: 21-11

49ers at Bengals - A disheartening OT loss to the Cowboys, of all teams.  Gotta win this one.
Patriots at Bills - They can't keep up with NE's 2 TE set, but I like Buff's white helmets.
Dolphins at Browns - Taking Miami.  No real reason.  They'll win one of these weeks.
Broncos at Titans - Tenn pulled off biggest Wk 2 upset.  They are my preseason div champ...
Lions at Vikings - Gotta love the NFL: Good GM, Draft, coaching - you can turn things around.
Texans at Saints - Brees looks like his old self after last season's debacle (22 ints).
Giants at Eagles - (Why did I draft Vick 1st round?)  Eagles win with or without him.
Jaguars at Panthers - Okay.  I was wrong about Cam.  854 yards in first two games?  sick.
Jets at Raiders - I'm actually rooting for Oakland in this one.
Ravens at Rams - Ray Rice's Ravens recognize redemption vs Rams.  heh.
Chiefs at Chargers - Good thing Jamaal Charles didn't fall to me in either draft.
Packers at Bears - Rodgers v Brady shootout would be very interesting right about now.
Cardinals at Seahawks - Kolb and Fitzgerald finally connected.  Not good for div rivals.
Falcons at Buccaneers - Going with the minor upset.  ATL is not as good as NO this year.
Steelers at Colts - Peyton for MVP this season.  3 win team without him?
Redskins at Cowboys - Romo will probably take a painkiller and try to play.

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