Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NFL Week 7 Predictions

Week 6 Record: 11-2

Season Record: 62-28

Seahawks at Browns - What's cheatey petey's deal?  Losing.
Falcons at Lions - Hey Schwartz.  Scoreboard.  This could be a trap game...
Texans at Titans - Schaub redeems himself from that awful game-ending pass vs Raidas.
Broncos at Dolphins - Most watched game between combined 1-9 records teams ever.  Tebow!
Chargers at Jets - Jets were not impressive on MNF vs Dolphins team who clearly wants Luck.
Bears at Buccaneers - I'm a man, I'm Forte.
Redskins at Panthers - Now there's the Grossman we know and love.
Chiefs at Raiders - How can I possibly dislike the Raiders more?  Oh, they picked up Palmer.
Steelers at Cardinals - C'mon Pittsburgh, put the Cardinals farther in the NFC West hole.
Rams at Cowboys - Lloyd makes some of the most outrageous catches you'll ever see.
Packers at Vikings - Pathetic how far McNabb has fallen.  Benched twice.
Colts at Saints - Payton's injury should make Peyton feel so much better about himself.
Ravens at Jaguars - I feel for Mojo Drew and Marcedes Lewis.  Freakin trojan, Jack del Rio.

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